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Independent Broadcasters Association Getting Solid Response

Lakeville, Minnesota, June 4, 2020: Adams Radio Group CEO Ron Stone provided an update today on the IBA initiative. Stone says he has been very encouraged by the phones calls and conversations he has had with many operators and owners about forming the association. “As of today, the IBA has received interest from owners and operators representing 1,360 stations. These are people that have taken the time to go to the site and sign up. This is significant for the first week. We still have a long way to go given there are 7,000 independent stations. But this is a very good start. I believe as information continues to spread about the organization throughout the industry and what our mission is, we will continue to see independents embrace it. We all know we can accomplish far more success together than we can alone”.


Owners / operators are encouraged to sign up without any commitment at this point. We are only gauging the interest level and keeping everyone updated. Here is the link: Stone says all future correspondence from the IBA will be directed to those that have signed up on the site to receive the communications, though he will continue to personally reach out to independents that have not signed up. “We are on a mission. We need this organization. The fact is we have needed it for years. We need the revenue it can bring to smaller companies…we need the cost savings it can create…and we need the shared resources it can provide. I cannot think of a single independent operator or small company that will not benefit from the IBA or a single reason they would not want to participate in it”.