Successful Solutions for Members

The IBA will celebrate its 4th anniversary in August 2023! We have some very exciting changes coming soon and we are extremely excited to share these with both our members and potential new members! Thank you for making your IBA an organization that matters and helps independent operators like you!

- Ron Stone, President & Executive Director

Commercial Traffic System for Members

For independent broadcasters seeking to strengthen their market leadership, Marketron delivers a game-changing approach that optimizes and generates new revenue streams, scales operations and delivers a comprehensive end-to-end experience.

As an IBA partner, Marketron has technology and resources available to help members grow and scale their organizations. View this on-demand webinar introducing these products and services to IBA members. You'll also find out how other members are using their tools to grow and expand.

National Cash Contest

Stations are always looking for ways to generate more revenue, and the IBA national cash contests have given markets of all sizes just that. Now with three years of experience behind us, no one does a cash contest better than the IBA. 

SPRING - April 1st - May 3th, 2024
FALL - Sept 16th - Oct 25th, 2024


Signup with StudioTexter to use your own studio number for contests or use the national contest number provided by the IBA.

Discount Pricing

The IBA has identified and secured the industry's leading partners in programming, sales, equipment, technology, marketing and more - and leveraged each IBA preferred vendor to offer their goods and services at a minimum of 20% discount from their normal fees. Yes, membership has its privileges.

Legal Hotline for Members



Working with Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC, IBA members can go directly to our preferred legal partner for immediate advice and support. Gregg Skall of TLP is one of the most respected FCC legal minds in the industry, and a calm and learned voice in times of need.

Radio Swag Retail Shop


Radio stations are always looking for 'leave behinds', prizing and or merchandising that carries the station brand to the streets. Radio Swag was chosen and an IBA preferred vendor for just that purpose.


Why Join?

The Independent Broadcasters Association or IBA is about listening to all its members and executing a road map designed by you. Recently a poll was out into the field of prospective members and the following reflects what the organization will focus on moving forward.

If you haven't had a chance to take the survey and be heard, you can take it right here.

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