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Independent Broadcasters Association Week 2: Another 500 Stations

Lakeville, Minnesota, June 12, 2020: Stations showing interest in the Independent Broadcasters Association continues to surge with week 2 of Ron Stone’s campaign delivering another 500 stations. Stone says “I am convinced now more than ever that the IBA will become a reality. As of today, we have interest from owners and operators representing 1,850 stations, up from 1,300 last week. We are now 62% of where we need to be to officially form the organization. With 7,000 independent stations needing all the help they can get I am certain we will secure the 3,000 stations we need to commit to make the IBA a reality. I believe every independent will ultimately embrace the IBA once they see what it can do for their bottom line. We have chance to make things better for the independents and it is time we do”. 


Owners / operators are encouraged to sign up without any commitment at this point at this web address: Weekly updates will be directed to those that have signed up on the site to receive the communications. “Our mission continues” Stone says. “If you have signed up, don’t stop there. Contact every independent you know and send them to the site. Together we can grow new revenues to improve our top lines and we can improve our bottom line with more efficiencies and shared services only achievable by a membership organization
like the IBA. I am very excited to host a call in a few weeks to share more on key elements that I believe we can achieve in the first couple of years, and what can be done beyond that. I think you will get excited too!”