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600 More Independent Stations Say Yes to Forming the IBA

Lakeville, Minnesota, June 19, 2020: The IBA continues to move closer to its goal of 3,000 stations, adding an additional 600 stations in the past week, a 33% increase since last week. Ron Stone says “The momentum we are seeing is incredible. We are now up to 424 owners and operators and 2,395 stations! It takes time to build any organization as we all know. To see this kind of growth every week it screams volumes of how much independents need the help this association can deliver. We are going to hit our goal for sure…and very few independents will shy away once the organization is formed and they realize the benefits. It would not surprise me to ultimately have most of the 7,000 independents participating. Our future is in our own hands and we have to make the right choices now”.


Tony Renda is one of the 2,395 station owners that has signed up…and here are his comments why he believed the IBA’s time has come:


“Recently I learned about the IBA and my response was, thank God. What took so long? I have personally seen how an association like this benefited the auto industry. Independent radio owners need this kind of association. As an owner of stations in six markets I know my strength is limited, but if I am part of a group of 3,000 plus stations, I am stronger, I have a voice. If I am part of a group that can offer a sophisticated national digital buying opportunity for advertisers…I am stronger. If I am part of a group that can create its own unique programming…I am stronger. If we can reduce my expenses and increase my revenue…I am stronger! I have been assured that IBA is not a replacement for the NAB, or RAB, or any organization but rather one that will enhance the tools we have now, and by doing so enhance our bottom lines.”
Tony Renda, Renda Broadcasting


Owners / operators are encouraged to sign up without any commitment at this point at this web address: Weekly updates will be directed to those that have signed up on the site to receive the communications. “Our mission continues” Stone says. “If you have signed up, don’t stop there. Contact every independent you know and send them to the site. Together we can grow new revenues to improve our top lines and we can improve our bottom line with more efficiencies and shared services only achievable by a membership organization like the IBA. I am very excited to host a call in a few weeks to share more on key elements that I believe we can achieve in the first couple of years, and what can be done beyond that. I think you will get excited too!” 


About Independent Broadcasters Association
The IBA will serve independent radio stations in ways we are NOT being served by existing organizations and provide independent operators with ways to drive revenue and achieve cost benefits from scale that cannot be achieved alone. The following reflects what the organization would focus on right away and during the first two years. Revenue Generation, Digital Services Group, Shared Resources, Proprietary Systems and Services, Group Employee Benefits.