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Articles filed, Board Selected...The Journey Begins!

Lakeville, Minnesota, July 22, 2020: The Independent Broadcasters Association announced today that it has filed articles of incorporation in the State of Minnesota and is officially in business. Ron Stone said “We filed the articles last Friday, on a day where we were 96% of our 3,000-station goal. 2,877 stations had signed up, represented by just under 600 owners / operators. We continue to have additional owners signing up every day.” Stone added “An initial board of Directors has also been selected. 1/3 of Board members will turn over every December 31, starting December 31, 2021.” Board members are, in alphabetical order:


  • Deborah Barrera, CPA, CGMA, CFO, R Communications LLC
  • Kristin Cantrell, CEO, 7 Mountains Media & Cap City Communications
  • Darrell Calton, CEO, Illiad Media
  • Allen Dick, CEO, Dick Broadcasting
  • Michael J. Flood, Owner, Flood Communications, LLC
  • Kenneth Forte, President & GM, R & F Communications, Inc.
  • Charles Johnson, GM, Northstar Broadcast
  • Kimberly Martinez, VP/GM, All Pro Broadcasting
  • Kelly Radandt, GM, Woodward Radio Group
  • Tony Renda, CEO, Renda Broadcasting
  • Tony Richards, CEO, Kensington Digital Media
  • David Stephens, Owner, Stephens Media Group
  • Ron Stone, President/CEO, Adams Radio Group
  • Cindy Taylor Chesson, GM, River Radio Network/Bridge Media/Ohio Midland Newsgroup
  • Dr. Sandi Woodruff, Owner, Northwest Indy Radio

 Stone added “Our first board meeting will be scheduled for next week, to decide mostly organizational matters and to approve our business plan. We will have a conference call with everyone that has signed up on schedule shortly after the board meeting to review the business plan and goals of the IBA”. If you have not signed your company up, it is not too late.


Stone expects the membership section of the IBA web site to be operational by August 1. Everyone that has signed up at the link in the above paragraph will receive an email with instructions. Stone says “The IBA will be running at full speed in August. We anticipate delivering substantial parts of the program to our members before the end of 2020. We have some heavy lifting to do, and everyone is excited to get to it!”


About Independent Broadcasters Association
The IBA will serve independent radio stations in ways we are not being served by existing organizations and provide independent operators with ways to drive revenue and achieve cost benefits from scale that cannot be achieved alone. The following reflects what the organization would focus on right away and during the first two years. Revenue Generation, Digital Services, Shared Resources, Proprietary Systems and Services, and Group Employee Benefits.