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Revenue Generation: Reward without Risk

Lakeland, Florida, December 11, 2020: Stonick Recruitment, Inc. announced a new partnership with the Independent Broadcasters Associations to help members take advantage of the incredible recruitment marketplace that is anticipated to drive substantial recruitment advertising for the foreseeable future for radio. Effective immediately, all members of the Independent Broadcaster’s Association will not have to pay any initial fee for services provided by Stonick Recruitment in 2021. This will save radio stations thousands of dollars in upfront setup costs.


Companies across the nation are struggling to hire and we as radio professionals can help them. Current Stonick Recruitment client markets are breaking sales record for recruitment advertising dollars, even in the middle of a pandemic/recession!


For the very first time in Stonick Recruitment’s 32-year history, they will work with radio stations on a straight commission plan plus expenses. According to Chris Stonick, “I know that most independent broadcasters are feeling the pain of decreased revenues due to Covid. That’s why I am offering to IBA members only, a chance to dramatically increase revenue next year without a fee. It’s reward without risk.” If you have not already joined the IBA, this opportunity alone will provide reason to do so.


Ron Stone, President and Executive Director of the IBA added “I have worked with Chris over the years and have seen the results he can deliver personally. Stations that participate in recruitment marketing, and get after it, will see amazing results in 2021, a year we know will have its own challenges. The IBA is very proud to be associated with Chris”.


There are some limitations as Stonick Recruitment works on a market exclusive basis and the opportunity will be limited to the first 20 clients that sign up due to Stonick’s capacity to serve each station properly. Stonick will conduct a free market analysis to review the viability of each market.


About Stonick Recruitment Incorporated
Founded in 1989, the Stonick Recruitment sales program has generated over $100,000,000 in added radio revenue in all size markets across the country. Stonick Recruitment provides: training, in-market seminars and sales calls, script writing, and consultative services.


About Independent Broadcasters Association
The IBA serves independent radio stations. Their goal is to provide independent operators with ways to drive new revenue and achieve cost benefits from scale that cannot be achieved alone. They are working together to improve operating results for all! You can join the IBA at The association now has over 1,400 members.


For more information contact:
Chris Stonick at 863-397-5615
Ron Stone at