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IBA Creates Member Legal Hotline with Telecommunications Law Professionals

Lakeville, MN, January 6, 2021: The IBA has established a legal hotline service for the Independent Broadcasters Association with its association legal counsel, Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC (“TLP”). Through this service IBA membership will be offered the opportunity to sign up for a cost-effective legal hot-line service staffed by TLP.


Ron Stone, Executive Director of the IBA said: “The IBA is excited to be able to offer this service to its members. Subscribing members will now be able to have prompt answers to legal questions that relate to FCC legal matters. For a small annual fee, subscribed IBA hotline service members will be able to seek answers to questions regarding legal and regulatory issues that apply generally to radio broadcasters and the radio broadcasting industry. I cannot imagine any radio station not benefiting from this opportunity. A single call with an FCC legal question will more than pay for the annual fee and will reaffirm the value of IBA membership as well.”


Stone continued that “we are very happy with this partnership. This is an amazing opportunity for the members to save substantial money on legal fees related to FCC matters. We are looking forward to a very successful 2021 with members taking full advantage of all the opportunities the IBA has established for them.”


Gregg Skall, IBA Regulatory Counsel and a TLP Member, said he was pleased to be able to offer this service to the IBA. “With so many new forms of media and legacy industry regulation, radio is at a challenging time in its history. Broadcasters frequently need guidance on the ever-changing regulatory and business landscape during these tumultuous times. Independent broadcasters seldom have in-house counsel to respond to these questions. The hotline can serve to help guide broadcasters as they make important business decisions while remaining in compliance with FCC regulations.”


About Independent Broadcasters Association:
The IBA serves independent radio stations. IBA provides independent operators with ways to drive new revenue and achieve cost benefits from scale of the membership that cannot be achieved alone. IBA members are working together to improve operating results for all allowing them to continue focusing on live and local broadcasting super serving their communities. Stations may join the IBA at The association has 1,500 active members and a variety of supporting vendors.


About Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC:
Telecommunications Law Professionals PLLC ( is a boutique law firm whose professionals all have specialized in communications law for their entire careers. TLP provides legal services to businesses of all kinds within the telecommunications, communications, and media industries. TLP offers the same level and quality of service associated with large elite firms from a client-friendly small firm platform, and represents clients ranging in size from start-up companies to major publicly traded corporations throughout the telecom and media sectors. TLP is highly rated by many of the top legal ranking agencies, including Chambers, Legal 500, US News/Best Law Firms and Super Lawyers.


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